Stay connected with Elephants At Home.

Online dinners complete with a delicious meal and storytelling kit.

Our doors are open. Come on in.

Are you feeling lonely during the pandemic?

Take a seat at our online dinner table and let us bring the storytelling right into your home.

Stay connected and meet new people without breaking Coronavirus rules.

In times like these, it’s only natural to be longing for connection or a place to share how you feel. If you’re craving real conversation to curb your cabin fever then don’t despair. 

We know the rules – you can’t come to us, but we can come to you, so we’re bringing the storytelling into your home instead.  Welcome to Elephants At Home.

Lift your lockdown loneliness

What’s included in the experience?

– menu –

Delicious Meal Kit

Even if you can’t attend an event in person, you can still share a meal with new friends.  Your ticket includes a letterbox meal kit with a cocktail/mocktail, sweet treat and all the ingredients you need to make the perfect meal in 15 minutes.

– antidote –

Human Connection

If you’re feeling lonely, anxious, isolated, or even just a bit disconnected from people, this empathy-filled antidote is for you.  It’s the opposite of Zoom doom. It’s a blend of offline/online conversation, togetherness and much needed comfort food.

– experience –

Storytelling Kit

Every event is unique, personal and powered by your true stories.  You’ll get a storytelling menu, a candle to create our campfire glow, conversation cards so there’s no awkward small-talk, a letter kit to remind your future self of your evening.

Don’t suffer in silence. Come and share a meal with real people, telling real stories that you can identify with. 

 With all this social distancing, it’s no surprise that the number of people reporting feelings of loneliness and isolation have spiked higher than ever. If you’re in the same position, we’re here for you. Our mission to tackle loneliness and isolation is needed now more than ever.

So, we’ve created Elephants At Home online dinners. You’ll get the same magical atmosphere of an Eating With Elephants dinner plus the human connection you need to feel less lonely and isolated, even while apart. 

You’ll leave feeling understood, more connected and with the sense of belonging that you’ve been missing. 

If you’re feeling lonely or isolated and find yourself craving real, human connection then please join us for dinner.  Rest assured, this isn’t your ordinary Zoom meeting. 

 This is an online/offline experience that feels much more real than just staring at a screen. With the help of our storytelling kits, you’ll create the warm, inviting atmosphere we’re known for right there in your own home.  We’ll sit around our virtual campfire and share real food, drink and stories with a group of people like you looking for more connection during these difficult times.