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Reviews and reactions from past guests.

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What Does it Feel Like To Be There?

Eating With Elephants dinners are pretty special.  We help you meet new people and get to know them in a way that quickly feels natural and comfortable.  Even nervous first-time guests who have never told their stories before find that the safety of the warm, welcoming, judgement-free atmosphere makes them feel like they truly belong. 

Creating that feeling is why we love doing what we do.  But don’t just take our word for it. 

Take a look at what previous guests say about how it felt for them.

stories | connection | belonging

Nourishing Storytelling Nights

“Definitely an appetising prospect.  A nourishing blend of food and discussion.”

Time Out London


What Our Guests Say…


“I would absolutely recommend Eating With Elephants to anyone willing to engage with people in an open and safe environment.  I can’t believe I have had such an amazing evening with people I only met a few hours ago!  Come and experience it!”

“So special.”

“There’s something so special about hearing other people’s stories.”

“I loved it!”

“Come, you won’t regret it!  You’ll relish this opportunity to connect, to feel, to speak, and be vulnerable.  It’s truly a treat and a safe and inviting space.

I loved it!”

“Glad to be alive.”

“It made me glad to be alive to hear other people’s stories.”

“Highly recommend it!”

“This is my fourth time here! 

Each time I come, I uncover a new layer, explore/reflect to new depths and always leave feeling energised.

If you want to filter out the noises, explore real connections, communication and challenge your vulnerabilities, I highly recommend it!”

stories | connection | belonging

An antidote for a lonely city.

“This is the antidote to London!  A place to eat, listen and be heard. 

Come ready to feed your belly and your soul.”

Matt Weatherall, Special Guest HQ.

“So inspiring”

“My experience tonight was so inspiring.  To be able to share extremely personal stories and be listened to is an amazing privilege.  For strangers to be comfortable enough to open up is an even bigger privilege.  The world would be a better place if people got to do this.  Thank you so much for making it happen.”

“More connected.”

“Something shifted in me that night. It’s exactly what I needed.  I feel so much more connected to London”

“We feel like friends”

“I can’t believe a few hours ago I didn’t know anyone in this room and now we feel like friends.”

“Beyond expectations”

“I can safely say, an evening that went far beyond my expectations.  A joy, a privilege, an experience of learning, sharing, warmth, comfort and laughter.  So perfectly organised with no detail left out.  Highly recommended and I can’t wait for another one.”