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My Elephant In The Room Podcast

Life-affirming conversations with real people telling real stories about their elephant in the room.


let’s skip the small talk

You’re only one conversation away from a life full of connection.

What’s the most difficult conversation you’ve never had?  On this new podcast, ‘Eating With Elephants’ host Janice Johnson, talks to real people telling real stories about emotional experiences we all have but struggle to talk about.

True Connection

The life lessons they’ve learnt along the way, will inspire you to skip the small talk and have a real conversation that creates a true connection. 

It’s time to share more, hide less and break the silence of loneliness one story at a time.

Meet your podcast host.

Janice is Founder of Eating With Elephants, where she and Team Elephants tackle loneliness and social isolation through coaching, workshops and storytelling dinners where strangers gather to share stories about their elephant in the room. She is a coach and facilitator who is most at home in those moments when deep conversation creates a real spark of human connection.