Eating With Elephants

Connecting people tackling loneliness and isolation with storytelling dinners about the elephant in the room.

NEW: Elephants At Home online storytelling dinners!

A supper club powered by stories and meaningful connection.

Get ready to feel less lonely and more connected than ever.  Take a seat at our dinner table and share good food, storytelling and the kind of belonging and togetherness that only comes from filter-free conversations and authentic storytelling.  If you’re feeling lonely and looking for a heart-warming dose of connection, then this is the place to be.


Imagine a place where candles flicker against the walls as newly-acquainted guests take their seats around the dinner table. Food is shared family-style, glasses are slowly emptied and the sounds of meaningful conversation fills the room. 

This is a place full of warmth and connection where personal stories are told script-free and from the heart, just as they have been around campfires all over the world for hundreds of years.

This little secret dining room is a place for those who want to make real connections, away from screens, by sharing real stories with real people, over dinner. Somewhere people who are completely new to sharing their stories can feel as welcome and comfortable as those who have shared theirs time and time again.

This is the storytelling toolkit you need to stop hiding, start sharing and feel truly connected, one story at a time.  

We created this space to help people like you to connect with others in a way that is completely authentic, without hiding the parts of your life that you usually try to hide.   You’ll soon see that everyone has their elephant in the room.  Instead of hiding from yours, invite them to dinner and listen to the lessons they might have to teach you.

Come, eat, share, listen and join us on our mission to help the world share more, hide less and break the silence of social isolation, one storytelling dinner at a time.


Don’t suffer in silence. Come and share a meal with real people, telling real stories that you can identify with. 


By connecting in this way we help each other, to embrace our whole selves and break down the stigma around everyday experiences. We help each other to feel more comfortable talking about the uncomfortable, so we don’t feel like we have to go through life hiding in plain sight. 

Each dinner is themed around an ‘elephant in the room’ – an issue or experience many of us share but avoid talking about out loud. One by one, during the evening each guest shares a true story linked to the theme that is in some way personal to them and the group shares each other’s reflections in the conversation that follows.


Lonely in lockdown?  Get yourself a ticket to an Elephants At Home online storytelling dinner. 

Feeling like you need some more connection in your life?  Take some time to share some dinner and conversation with a table full of people feeling just like you. You’ll be amazed at what happens next.

It’s easy to feel isolated during lockdown, so it’s never been more important to share your story.  It won’t just help you to feel more connected, but it’ll give other people permission to share their stories, too.

We’re bringing the best parts of Eating With Elephants dinners right to you at home.  Spend an evening with community, campfire chats and connection.


This is no ordinary Zoom meeting or WhatsApp video call, this is an experience with all the magical warmth and togetherness of what it feels like to be sat at the table at an Eating With Elephants dinner. 

Escape from lockdown and take a step into a world of real togetherness.  Social distancing doesn’t mean you have to feel alone.  There are some great ways to be together while we’re apart.  This is ours and it’s pretty powerful.  Curious?  Come and experience it yourself.

Let’s Talk More and Hide Less

If you’re curious about joining our herd and want to find out more, please leave us a message below and we’ll be in touch with you soon.