Elephants at Home

Looking forward to seeing you!

Here are some things you’ll need before we get together.  Please read everything carefully so you’re fully prepared to have a great evening!

Want to hear the instructions on this page?

Want to listen to the instructions on this page instead?

Something for all the senses

Look: A candle… The more the better but one will do just fine!  

Touch:  A personal treasure… Bring along

  • an item you can find in your home that brings you comfort

  • a pen or pencil to write with

  • conversation cards and stationery from your Storytelling Kit if included in your ticket.  If not, you can download them below. Please make sure you have printed the downloads before coming so you can take part in every element of the evening.

Listen:  Soulfood stories

This one’s a gift from our group to each other.  We will each have three minutes to share one story about the elephant in the room.  Listen deeply as each person tells their story.

There’s no judgement here.  All stories are welcomed as long as they are true and personal to you.  Unless you want to, there’s no need to script it.  Most people usually think about the theme beforehand and then just speak from the heart on the night.

For a natural campfire feel, we’ll all keep our sound on throughout – even when listening and not storytelling – so please make sure you’re in a completely quiet space for our time together.

The Elephants Experience

Smell: Scented inhalations

We will do a little breathwork at the beginning and end of the evening.  If your candle is scented, lovely, breathe it all in!  If not, the smell of your meal will wake your senses up to its deliciousness.  Taking in these smells and remaining conscious of them throughout the evening will give you a sense of cosy comfort during our time together.

Taste: A meal of togetherness

We may not be gathering in person around our usual dinner table, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a meal together.  Bring your dinner along to the session and nourish your body as well as your mind.

If you have a recipe-only ticket, your recipe will be in the downloads below – check back here two days before the event.  We’d love to share the same meal with you, but you’re also welcome to bring whatever meal you like!

Bring something to drink, too – whatever feels good to you as long as it’s there with you at the start of the session.

Feel:  Mood lighting

Our atmosphere is what makes Eating With Elephants dinners so uniquely special and this is no different.  We’ll be a nice intimate group, so you can see everyone as clearly as possible – that could be anything from 4 to 8 people.  Choose a space that’s as quiet and comfortable as possible to get the most out of our time together.

Place your candle in front of you during the session so you can look at it while you’re facing the rest of the group. 

We’ll leave it to you to decide how many candles you light, but please be careful and responsible to avoid accidents.  We can’t monitor them for you, so please make sure you do so at all times for your safety – if in doubt, blow it out!

Dim your lights if you can, or turn them off and switch on some lamps instead.  It’s completely up to you.  Ideally, you should also place one lamp somewhere that it can shine directly towards your face so we can see you clearly. 

The main thing though, is that your space is as tranquil as possible so we can all get as close to the feeling of swapping stories around a campfire as we can.

Access and Downloads

Here is your link to enter the dining room and download the templates you’ll need for the session.  Please print them and bring them with you!

Download Conversation Deck A

Your welcome note email will tell you whether you need to download Conversation Card Deck A or B. 

Download Conversation Deck B

Your welcome note email will tell you whether you need to download Conversation Card Deck A or B.  

Download Ending Cards - Card 1

You will need both Ending Cards for the session.  Please download Card 1 and Card 2.  

Download Ending Cards - Card 2

You will need both Ending Cards for the session.  Please download Card 1 and Card 2.