The Story of Our Year in Review

What we did this year and what’s coming in the next chapter.

What we brought to you in 2020

Storytelling, connection and preventing loneliness and isolation in a global pandemic.

Our in-person dinners came to a halt during the pandemic. But, as this review of the year shows, we’ve been able to overcome the physical distancing we’ve all had to do this year, while still providing support to create connection and reduce loneliness and isolation. We really do appreciate you for the part you’ve played in making that happen. 

Elephants At Home. A chance to stay connected while apart.

We haven’t been able to hold any in-person dinners this year, but there have been plenty of guests at our table and many moments of belonging in circles of communal storytelling. We’ve heard beautiful stories shared at Elephants At Home, our new online dinners. The experience comes complete with meal kits and storytelling boxes delivered before the event. 

Preventing Loneliness in a Pandemic 

We wrote new ways to provide calm and connection into our story – togetherness amidst the overwhelm and anxiety of social distancing.

– generosity –

Buy One Gift One Free

We focused on being more inclusive and began our Connection in Kind scheme.  Opting to Buy One Gift One Free at the checkout means that for every full-price ticket we sell, we can offer one free place at a Support Circle for those who need it most. 

– community –

Walking With Elephants

We gathered a group of people suffering from anxiety and overwhelm during the pandemic and took them on a 30-day guided course in connection.  We will be sharing their collection of photographs and daily reflections in the New Year.

– listening –

Support Circles

We launched free Support Circles for those suffering with chronic illness during the pandemic.  Living with chronic conditions can be lonely at the best of times, so we created these online groups to provide comfort, connection and community for those who need it during the pandemic.

– partnership –

Connection Coalition

 We became a member of the Connection Coalition, founded by the Jo Cox Foundation.  The Coalition is a multi-sector partnership designed to ensure the physical distancing imposed as a result of Covid-19 doesn’t create a crisis of disconnection, enforced social isolation and loneliness.

– learning –

Storytelling for Business

We designed organisational training, like workshops for What If! Accenture and Lloyds Bank on how to embed empathy at work. Plus Closing Ceremonies for Curiosity Global – a moving way to bring conferences and events to a meaningful end with campfire conversation sessions full of deep reflection.

new for 2021

Coming soon from Elephants HQ:  new programmes, courses, a podcast and more. 

We have new beginnings in store for chapter 2021 to foster more connection and togetherness.

Next year we’ll continue with these projects and, hopefully, bring back the in-person events you know and love.  

We’ll return in 2021 with a new version of this website featuring our full range of experiences and services. You can find out more about those below.  

If you’d like any further information on any of our programmes and events, please get in touch using the form on our ‘Contact Us’ page.

Local Events By Local Hosts.

Running more locally facilitated events in London and further afield is something you’ve requested from us for a while now.  We’re excited to finally offer these in the autumn! To make this happen we’re recruiting a merry band of (currently online) facilitators. Recruitment starts in May 2021 with the training programme starting in summer. We’ll share more information about what we’re looking in the run up to recruitment.

Elephant in the Room Podcast

The Elephant in the Room Podcast – all the elements of Eating With Elephants in a one-on-one conversation with a new guest each week.  Launching in March, it’s has honest, conversations with real people telling real life stories about things we struggle to talk about, but can all relate to. Look out for the first episode in your inbox! If you or anyone you know would like to be guest, please get in touch, we’d love to chat!

My Year of Evolution

An alternative path to growth in 2021. Out with well-intentioned, but rarely kept resolutions, in with peer-led learning, habit-building rituals and practices that actually work, so you evolve and develop all year long.

Walking With Elephants

A 30-day escape from pandemic anxiety with calming daily prompts, tools and a supportive community. Every day feels like a mini retreat from lockdown cabin fever with a virtual hug from our community. 

Coaching With Elephants

Working one-to-one with a trained coach can help you share your story and feel less lonely.  Coaching can be added to any other Elephants experience, or also used as a stand-alone self-development tool.