Welcome To Eating With Elephants


Come, eat, share, listend and join us on our mission to help the world share  more, hide less and break the silence of social stigma, one storytelling supper at a time.  Whether it’s at a dinner, coaching or on one of our courses and workshops, you’ll discover how to have deeper, more meaningful conversations facilitated by storytelling and have great fun at the same time. You’ll leave feeling that it’s never felt more comfortable talking about the uncomfortable. 

Eating With Elephants Storytelling Dinners


Our in person dinners are where it all started.  Come and share a story and make genuine human connections in a way you’ve never experienced before.  This is a dinner that will leave you feeling the warm glow and enriched with the confidence to share more and hide less at our table and beyond.


Walking With Elephants - 30-Day Antidote To Isolation In Lockdown


A 30-day escape from pandemic anxiety with calming daily prompts, tools and a supportive community.  Every day feels like a mini retreat from lockdown cabin fever with a virtual hug from our community. 


Elephants At Home - Online Dinners


If you can’t get to an Elephants dinner, we’ll bring it to you with our virtual storytelling dinners.  Your ticket includes a letterbox dinner and cocktail (or mocktail) and a storytelling kit with everything you need for the perfect evening of real stories, meaningful conversation and true connection.


Support Circles - FREE Storytelling Sessions For People Living With Chronic Illness

We now offer free Support Circles for those suffering with chronic illness during the pandemic.  Living with chronic conditions can be lonely at the best of times. Our Support Circles provide confidential, one-hour online sessions for anyone struggling with loneliness, isolation, or other feelings of disconnection during this time. 


Coaching With Elephants - Private One-To-One Coaching Sessions

Private one-to-one coaching for the things we just don’t feel like we can say out loud. Whether you’ve been to an Elephants event before, or you’re discovering us for the first time, you’ll work one-to-one with a qualified coach, identify the issues playing on your mind and get the help you need to finally face your elephant in the room.

Elephants At Work - Corporate Storytelling Workshops


Storytelling is one of the primary ways of embedding more effective communication into your business.  It helps you deliver your messages more clearly and effectively.  It is also a powerful key to boosting productivity by helping to teams to build stronger, more well-functioning relationships throughout your organisation.  Contact us for more information on our corporate storytelling training services.


Elephants Private Dinners - At Home or Online

Take a break from your pandemic anxiety and frustration and step into a world of cozy, uplifting storytelling around our online campfire. It’s the perfect antidote to the cabin fever that’s so hard to escape from during lockdown.

Share Your Story


We are always looking for stories that could help inspire another person to feel less lonely and more connected.  Sharing your story could help you to face your elephant in the room, but also help others going through a similar experience to know they’re not alone.  Head to our contact page to tell us your story.